About Me

Hello there, I’m Xee. Born and raised in Wisconsin, although I love cheese curds and all four seasons, I will travel to you! Addicted to coffee —I love road trips and traveling, trying new foods, concerts, family gatherings, and lakes in the summer!

I’m that girl who can be totally extra and will squeal behind the camera because of how cute ya’ll are. I have a 7 year old goof-ball, Winter and she is hilarious —the real reason behind my love for photography. We all have a story and I believe in telling stories by documenting the authenticity of emotions. It may sound cheesy, but it’s my passion to capture natural emotions and raw moments! With me, you won’t get someone who just stands there behind the camera and clicks a button. I am 100% there to give you guidance.

So invest in moments like these, if you’re in the area —let’s have coffee! If you’re anywhere else, let’s chat over a phone call or Skype date! I’d love to meet you.

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