Brittany & Mike

Brittany and Mike won my couple’s session giveaway and one of my requirements to enter was to email me a photo of them and their love story. This was definitely fun and I loved capturing those little moments that were filled with love and emotion :)

“I met Mike the summer of 2012. We grew up in neighboring towns but I never knew of him until we met at a mutual friends cabin. He kept trying to talk to me but I was so embarrassed because I had lost my voice from the night before and sounded manly. I didn't want this cute guy to keep talking to me when I sounded that way. Well he kept talking to me until he left with his buddies. He got my number from one of my friends and the rest is history. We started dating in October of 2012 and fast forward six years to October 6th...he finally proposed!!! I wont sugar coat it, every relationship isn't perfect but I know we’re perfectly imperfect for each other. With his Dad passing of cancer last January I know we can get through anything together the good and bad times. I am a picture fanatic as a picture is a return ticket to a memory other wise gone. Thanks for reading. 😘”