Mommy & Me Sessions

Mother’s Day is coming up…and I want to share why I feel it’s so important to capture these types of memories every year. It’s crucial to have portraits with your mom every year as we all age, it’s a beautiful thing to have and I want to capture them for you. Some people prefer to post picture perfect moments, while I am here to capture not perfect portraits, but photos that are meaningful and bring out personalities as well as real emotions.

I had the opportunity to do a fun lifestyle shoot in Pang’s home with her kiddos! Aren’t they the cutest? They were very energetic and loves the camera…working with kids are hard because they tend to lose interest quickly, so with my experience of having my own child and working with many families on location doing shoots —I was able to capture these beautiful shots of Pang and her children.

Are you in need of updated portraits? I would love to hear from you :)

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